MicroLED Private Seminar



MicroLEDs are seen as the future of the display industry, bringing higher brightness, more efficient and longer lasting displays that will enable new and exciting production paradigms and business models.

MicroLED-Info is now offering companies a comprehensive private microLED seminar that will cover the present and future of the microLED industry and market.

How it works

  1. Placing an order of the new microLED seminar
  2. Exchanging introduction emails (and an online meeting if required) to schedule the date of the seminar and raise any specific interests the customer wishes to include in the seminar.
  3. At the agreed upon date, a 5 hour online meeting will be held between Ron Mertens, CEO and editor in chief of microLED-info, and the customer (including as many company attendees as desired). Alternatively, it is possible to set up two separate 2-3 hour meetings.
  4. A post seminar summary will be emailed to the customer, including answers to follow questions and any further information that is requested.

Topics covered in the microLED seminar:

  • Introduction to MicroLED displays, including competitive analysis
  • MicroLED display structure, and architectures
  • MicroLED production processes
  • The microLED industry (major players, technologies, status)
  • The microLED display market (current status)
  • The future of the microLED display industry and market and new production paradigms
  • MicroLED microdisplays for AR / VR
  • MicroLED epiwafer production and consumption forecast
  • Q&A session
  • Specific microLED topics of interest raised by the customer prior to the seminar

Some of our market report customers: